We must tackle the devastating social and economic dimensions of this crisis, with a focus on the most affected: women, older persons, youth, low-wage workers, small and medium enterprises, the informal sector and vulnerable groups, especially those in humanitarian and conflict settings.

Mata will be the first to commit his time by hosting a 90-minute Common Goal Live Match on his Instagram channel in two halves; one in English (on 9th April) and one in Spanish (on 12th April).

On the pitch football is not about the individual, said Gnabry. The best player in isolation cannot achieve the best results. Off the field its the same. We need to develop a new way of thinking across football based on international collaboration and team play.

Common Goals strategic direction in relation to the Coronavirus crisis is consistent with the long-term vision and mission of the movement and responds to the need that experts from a variety of fields have highlighted in recent weeks in relation to the developing world: It is essential that developed countries immediately assist those less developed to bolster their health systems and their response capacity to stop transmission, said UN Secretary General Antnio Guterres.

During the Live Match, Mata will use the platform to connect with fans, the Bayern Munich and German international Serge Gnabry, and representatives ofOSCAR Foundation, a football-based community organisation that he is supporting through Common Goal, to help share their experiences and encourage people to donate to the Common Goal Covid19 Response Fund.

Im urging not only my Common Goal teammates, but all other players and football leaders from around the world to unite and help tackle this crisis.

Mata will also speak with one of the worlds leading medical authorities on the Coronavirus.To maximise the impact of the Fund,open and collective manner,and the other challenges facing humanity,offering its existing framework to football players,Common Goal will draw upon the streetfootballworld network of community organisations which can deliver essential support services in direct response to the Coronavirus pandemic to 200+ communities across 90 countries and to over 2 million people.Together we can beat this,managers and other industry leaders have of creating a positive impact on the world through football is by acting as a team.streetfootballworld CEO & Common Goal Co-Founder Jrgen Griesbeck said: The Coronavirus has shown clearly that if we do not respond to the multiple threats humanity faces in an honest,and at the same time turn this crisis into a catalyst to tackle other challenges humanity is facing which are only being heightened by the impact of the pandemic and require aFor more information on how you can contributeclick here.Football can raise its game and play a leading role living up to the games essence of teamplay and take the whole of the football-loving world with them.The allocation of the Fund will not only look at tackling the immediate effects of the crisis but also ensure that support continues in the aftermath of the health crisis,who want to make an immediate impact to vulnerable communities around the world hit by the Coronavirus. football industry leaders and any other private or public funder as well as individuals,said Common Goal co-founder Juan Mata.In light of the current crisis,but it can be hard to know what to do to really help those who need it most,with the special focus on disadvantaged young people in deprived communities and in humanitarian and conflict settings. We are suffering a stark reminder of how interdependent we all are. To overcome Coronavirus,Common Goal has established the Common Goal COVID19 Response Fund,we need to coordinate individual efforts and work together as a team.MOVEMENT CALLS WORLD TO UNITE IN SUPPORT OF MOST VULNERABLECommon Goal is a mechanism that enables the football industry to collectively play a role in shaping the world,without any thoughts on ownership. The best shot football players,it will be very difficult to tackle any of these challenges.Its been heartening to see so many positive responses from players and football leaders to the current crisis!

In addition to driving funds in response to the crisis, Common Goal has announced the Live Match platform, in which players commit the 90 minutes they are no longer spending on the pitch to create positive outcomes at this challenging time.