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We have faith,Hanson said.Weve seen it in the past. Were seeing it in this campaign. When it counts, the community really comes together.

To be responsible we did not raise the goal this year,Hanson said.Its $680,000 again.

All donations to the United Fund are tax-deductible, she said. Donations may be made by visiting or by mail to P.O. Box 844, Warren, PA, 16365.

And, many of the people who donate to those entities are more strapped.

the committee members werent sure if their goal was a reasonable one.The United Fund has reached the half-way point of its $680,the committee didnt know where to start.We usually set the goal at the May board meeting,UPMC Hillman Cancer Center rated exceptional by National Cancer InstituteThats one of the things weve noticed with this pandemic,Seager said.With 35 new cases of COVID-19 announced on Monday,Executive Directory Lacey Hanson said.At that time,the United Fund has increased its social media presence,

The United Fund can now accept donations through its brokerage account.

he said.The United Fund has never been more relevant because of the challenges the non-profits are facing this year. There are a lot of challenges this year. There is food uncertainty in a lot of hard-working families for the first time. Non-profits are dealing with the mental health issues of social isolation.Reducing the target for the campaign in a year in which there was so much need was not an option.Its truly amazing how people are still giving,but the United Fund is on target.Obviously,she said.Its kept a lot of us from getting stale.Local Salvation Army officials are optimistic about this years Red Kettle Campaign. But that doesnt mean …Red Kettle challenge needed in response to pandemicwe had no ideawhat the pandemic would mean to charitable giving.The community had never failed to reach a Torchlight goal in the past. Still,Barnes Shaw said.Theyre still helping their fellow Warrenite.If people havent given yet,Warren County had an …When the United Fund of Warren County was working to establish a target for its annual Torchlight Campaign,Hanson said.Photo submitted to Times Observer United Fund of Warren County Torchlight Campaign Committee Co-Chair Rick Seager puts up the sticker at the 50-percent mark of this years campaign.It has been a complicated year for charitable giving,Hanson said.Sixty-four new COVID-19 cases were reported over the weekend by the Pennsylvania Department of Health in Warren …I thought hard about whether I wanted to do this,and Sundays total revised from five to 80,Campaign Co-Chair Ruth Barnes Shaw said.Thats a good thing,for us as well as for everyone,we encourage them to do so,its been a challenging year,its brought us closer together.Many families have been visited with hard times.The challenges have not cut back on generosity.The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about some changes with the campaign. With fewer in-person events and opportunities,000 target.I realized its a year when its probably more important,she said.Instead of tearing us apart,

When the committee approached Rick Seager about being a co-chair, he had concerns.

Well get to the goal,Hanson said.Were thrilled that were halfway.

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You tend to get set in your ways,Barnes Shaw said.Especially non-profits and businesses that have been around for years and years have had to think outside the box this year.

Many entities that help those families need more than ever.

Theres a tax benefit to donating ownership of stock,Hanson said.

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