is asavings accountwhere funds are earmarked exclusively for the use in the event of an emergency: losing your job, a medical crisis, or car repair.

What Destinys Child says (in their song,Bills, Bills, Bills):

Emergency Fundsare what the two ex-members of DC had to rely on after being fired from the group, and your EF is for just thatbills, bills, bills in the event you experience a loss of income.

How you can use anemergency fundin your own life:

will keep you from putting emergencies oncredit cardsand being in a cycle of credit carddebtfor the rest of your life!

also ensure your bills are paid on time which keeps yourcredit scorein tact.

Setting aside 3, 6, or 9 months of expenses (the amount depends on who you are and how many financial responsibilities you have such as a house, kids or other dependents) creates a nice cushion for the just in case in life.

For those paying offcredit carddebt or student loans, try saving up $1000 for a small

, it is important to learn what is and isnt an emergency. Breaking your leg is an emergency. Taco Tuesday is not.

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