Myanmar suffers from high maternal and child mortality. At least 2,800 pregnant women and 70,000 children die each year, largely from preventable causes. Among specific diseases, the leading causes of death and illness for all members of the population are tuberculosis, malaria and HIV/AIDS.

Together with the Government of Myanmar and other partners, the 3MDG Fund strengthens the national health system at all levels, extending access for poor and vulnerable populations to quality health services. The 3MDG Fund has a significant, timely and nationwide impact improving maternal, newborn and child health, combating HIV and AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, and health system strengthening to deliver sustainable, efficient and responsive healthcare across Myanmar. The Fund provides substantial resources aligned with the Ministry of Healths priorities and initiatives in support of these goals, as presented below.

Support to the MoHs Human Resources for Health strategy (HRH)

Strengthening service delivery in public and private sectors

Scale-up of services in conflict-affected areas

By pooling the contributions of seven bilateral donors – Australia, Denmark, the European Union, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States of America, 3MDG promotes the efficient and effective use of development funds. With commitments totalling more than $284 million for the period July 2012 to December 2017, it is currently the largest health  fund in Myanmar. It is managed by the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS).

The current Fund programming status (funds already disbursed plus funds planned for disbursement, the latter in part already legally committed as funds to implementing partners) yields the following breakdown per component, as shown in the figure below.

Design work on the 3MDG Fund commenced in 2010 with a goal to improve Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (MNCH) and to reduce the burden of communicable disease in areas of highest need in Myanmar. At that time, there were fewer opportunities to work with the Government of Myanmar, and an urgent need for expanded access to health services. Following a Strategic Review in 2014, the 3MDG Fund has reconstituted its Fund Board to include the Ministry of Health, donors and independent experts. This will strengthen governance and stewardship of the health sector and also the delivery of the 3MDG Fund.

The 3MDG Fund supports the vision of the Government of Myanmar to reach Universal Health Coverage (UHC) by 2030 and the Constitutional objective of ensuring that every citizen shall have the right to health care (2008 Constitution of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar – Article 367). Through a rights-based approach, 3MDG contributes to equitable access to quality health services by empowering and engaging communities in decision making and implementation, and ensuring the voices of women, minorities and other vulnerable communities are heard. We support the Ministry of Health to establish transparent mechanisms for greater accountability in the health system. We also support more meaningful participation at all levels and use the skills, strengths and knowledge of community members for better services and consumer satisfaction.