To increase philanthropic invesment, strengthening local nonprofit organizations that are implementing promising initiatives to address Puerto Ricos challengesTo promote social justice and equity and to increase participation of civil society in constructing a better future for all Puerto RicansTo expand collaborative efforts and partnerships to stimulate Puerto Ricos recovery

The Puerto Rico Funders Network (Red de Fundaciones de Puerto Rico) stimulates strategic philanthropic investments in Puerto Rico to improve the lives of the most vulnerable populations of the island.

La Redfacilitates learning by supporting research and communications on the nonprofit sector and on philanthropy, and through site visits, information sharing and presentations from experts.

Members understand that Puerto Rico benefits from a strong civil society as a source of new ideas and promotes their increased ability to engage in policy debates, demand government transparency and participation in decision-making, and protect the rights of the marginalized.

We promote greater understanding on the part of United States-based foundations, Congress, and the Puerto Rican diaspora regarding strategies to move Puerto Rico forward. We believe in collaborative, local solutions, and innovative actions to help Puerto Rico become a stronger and more equitable democracy ensuring the wellbeing of all residents. To help advance our purposes, we created a pooled fund that facilitates philanthropic investments and collaboration: the FORWARD Puerto Rico Fund.

The Fund is a vehicle for strategic and coordinated philanthropic action by local and national foundations seeking to help Puerto Rico overcome its challenges by investing in creative local solutions to the vexing problems of public debt, unemployment, poverty, inequality, and decrease in public services. Through this Fund, we have raised $8.3 M from over 20 local and national foundations and 2,000 individuals.

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The FORWARD/ ADELANTE Puerto Rico Fund pools philanthropic contributions from individuals, foundations and other private sources that are working to achieve a better Puerto Rico in the short, medium and long term. Initially, FORWARD Puerto Rico provided emergency funds for organizations that helped communities affected by the devastating hurricanes Irma and Maria.

New priorities support recovery efforts by strengthening these organizations and ensuring their resilience and continued contribution to Puerto Rico; promoting government transparency and accountability with particular emphasis on accounting and advising on the allocation of disaster recovery funds, and advancing public policies that create local jobs and decrease poverty and inequality. Our vision is to move FORWARD expeditiously, towards a better Puerto Rico.

Red de Fundaciones de Puerto Rico, a nonprofit organization incorporated under the laws of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, created, designed and manages the FORWARD Puerto Rico Fund. All donations to the FORWARD Puerto Rico Fund are tax deductible.

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