Track and display your goals online with this free online tool.

The thermometer image you see to the left is generated by the HTML code below. Copy and paste this code to your website.

You can use this goal tracker to monitor the donations, sales or profits coming in for your cause and to help motivate your supporters at the same time. Your organization and supporters will see the mercury rise and instantly see how much more needs to be done before you reach your goal.

Your group doesnt have to be large to use this tool. Organizations and websites of all sizes can use it to keep track of their goals. It comes in two sizes and three colors (red, green and blue) to fit any website decor. You can also select the appropriate currency for your country.

Installing it is easy too. Start by choosing the proper currency. Then enter your goal amount and the amount raised so far. Next, select the color and size you want. Lastly, click on theCreatebutton. The form will supply all the coding you need. Simply copy the code and paste it into theHTML partof your website. Be sure to install it in a prominent location where your visitors will notice it.

We only ask one small favor – that when you post the code onto your site that you post the code as is to keep the links intact to let your visitors know where you got this tool, so they can get their own copy. Thank you.

Shown below are some pictures of how it might appear when placed on your site in red, green and blue, respectively, in three different currencies. The background is transparent so it will match the background color of your site. The size shown is medium.

Fundraising thermometer widget picture in red using the Dollar as the currency.

Example image in green using the Pound as the currency.

Example image in blue using the Euro as the currency.