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At the start of the year, i set anew goal no. 8, to earn 200,000 miles from work or credit card spending . . . , well i have to say that i have more success on that front 😆 than investing my SRS portfolio.

My crazy travel schedule resumed in June and July, coupled with my credit card spending, allowed me to hit the goal quite easily. A bigger challenge is finding the time to spend the miles as i dont see any down time coming up. In fact, i am going to get busier from Sep to Dec (so you are going to see less of me? 😅

One of my biggest complaint about DBS Treasures is that if you dont ask you dont get. There had been several instances where they didnt offer me the best forex rates until i make noise about the wide spreads. They also tried to charge a high commission for stock trading (0.5%) until i just tell them plainly that it will be difficult for me to park my stocks with them. I also learnt that the bigger clients hardly pay fees, hence it is always the middle class or the sandwiched class that needs to bear all the fees.

In addition, I have to keep banging the table until they finally put me on the email list for bonds and stocks! I didnt participate as i have enough USD exposure and not too comfortable with the credit of the Chinese issuers.

I also skipped the private placement of Capitaland Commercial Trust as i felt the forward yield of 4.3-4.4% is a tad too low.

Not much to add about the SRS portfolio as there havent been any transactions. The proceeds from the sale of Suntec REIT now mean the capital for deployment is at $113,000. I am cautious about deploying right now as most counters i want to invest are at a high. I will wait for a better entry point.

I am also exploring the US ETFs market. I want to explore a more passive way of investing in the US market as i dont have time nor the desire to monitor the US market closely. A regular sum set aside over a long period of time may suit me better. If readers have experience investing in ETFs over the last few years, do share your experiences with me.

With that, have a happy and lazy July weekend.

Hi, Ive a few questions about DBS Treasures.

– What does parking shares with them mean? Do you have to transfer the shares from CDP to their custodian account?

– What benefits do you enjoy as a Treasures client?

Minimum $350k, next tier is $1.5m, next tier is $5m. So depends on which tier you are going after. Mine is the second tier.

Park shares – I meant buying a portfolio of shares with them. Either through the app or calling in to the RM. You can also transfer the shares into them from CDP.

Benefits – perks such as lounge at airport / CNY new notes / deal flows (havent really tested the deal flow yet as I only realised I wasnt on their list when Thomson Medical issued the 3Y bonds at 4.8%.

– usually it is 50 pips. So you have to tell them to give you a better 30-40 pips.

There is more to life than money, which is why I blog, so that you can learn from my mistakes and not repeat them. The reasons why I am so passionate about investing and trading is because I pursue financial freedom. The freedom to do whatever i want to do in life. That includes travelling round the world to different places and I intend to roam the world one day in style. Pursue your financial freedom the way that best fits your life. There is no one size fits all. You will have to walk this path yourself and with your loved ones. Enjoy the journey but do it with style. Dont live life like a miser, after all, you only live once.

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