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If you have suggestions for calculators, analytical tools or selection guides, please let me know. I would appreciate if you could share this with your contacts. Do consider buying my new book,You Can Be Rich Too With Goal Based Investing,co-authored with m) and published by CNBC TV 18. Details below.

Understanding Risk-Adjusted Return: PPFAS Long Term Value Fund

Growth vs. Dividend Reinvestment Mutual Funds: Which Should I choose?

Quantifying Portfolio Diversification Part I

How to select mutual fund categories suitable for your financial goals?

Do It Yourself Mutual Fund Analysis: HDFC Top 200 Fund

Relevance of the Nifty PE for the long-term investor

Portfolio Diversification: Correlation among Stock Sectors

Portfolio Diversification with International Stocks

Regular plan vs. Direct plan Mutual Funds: The story so far

Mutual Fund Size vs. Performance: A Case Study

How to calculate returns from Dividend Mutual Funds?

Mutual Fund Rolling Returns Analysis: Franklin India Blue Chip Fund

Compare Returns of Direct Plan and Regular Plan Mutual Funds

Revisiting the SIP vs. VIP Debate With FundsIndias Report on VIP Investing

Here is why you should ignore mutual fund star ratings

Part II: Here is why you should ignore mutual fund star ratings

Quantitative vs. Qualitative Mutual Fund Analysis

Debt Mutual Fund Returns: How to expect when you are expecting!

Mutual Fund Investing: Risk vs. Reward vs. Volatility

Mutual Fund Returns: Distant Past vs. Recent Past

Building a Diversified Equity Portfolio with Sector Mutual Funds

Are Mutual Fund SIPs Suitable for Disciplined Long-Term Investors?

Can You Think Of A Risk-Free AND Tax-Free Mutual Fund?

On Direct MF Plans, Ethics, Conflict of Interest and All That Sort of Thing

Mutual Fund Returns Comparison: Direct Plan vs. Regular Plan

Advantages of debt funds over fixed deposits: Calculate and Assess

Should We Switch To Direct Mutual Fund Plans? Calculate and Consider

Simplify Mutual Fund Analysis with Upside/Downside Capture Ratios

Multi-index Mutual Fund Rolling Returns Calculator

Multi-Index Mutual Fund SIP/Lump Sum Returns Analyzer

Automated Mutual Fund & Financial Goal Tracker

Sheet Update: Mutual Fund SIP/Lump Sum Returns Analyzer

Calculator Updates: AMFI MF NAV history downloader and MF account statement generator

Mutual Fund NAV History Downloader: AMFI and Yahoo Finance

Generating Mutual Fund SIP Account Statements and Calculating Returns With NAV History

Debt Mutual Funds vs. Fixed Deposits: Volatility Simulator

Debt Mutual Fund vs. Fixed Deposit Comparator Version II

Comparing SIP Returns: Monthly vs. Daily vs. Quarterly SIPs

Excel-based Mutual Fund Portfolio Returns Tracker (Version 1)

Comprehensive Mutual Fund Investment Mode Comparator

SIP Vs. VIP Comparison with Sensex Monthly Returns

Advantages of debt funds over fixed deposits: Calculate and Assess

Should We Switch To Direct Mutual Fund Plans? Calculate and Consider

My new book with PV Subramanyam, published by CNBC TV 18

The book comes with 9 online calculator modules to create your own financial plan.

It also has detailed selection guides for equity and debt mutual funds.

This book empowers the reader with the concepts in easy to understand & simple form. Those who have been reading blogs of both authors would know that they are not only good with finance domain but also have a knack of simplifying the methods of investing for their readers. This book by them is a gem of financial knowledge for people who are starting to invest or want to get better at it. The presentation and the thought process with calculators is extremely powerful.The book should be read & calculators used simultaneously to understand the concepts well. The calculators when used with real inputs will show you where you are & where you need to reach for each of your goals. Dont ignore these numbers.Learnings from Chapters 7 to 11 will help you avoid going off path & saving your money from financially hazardous products. With discipline & right approach suggested here you wouldnt need a financial advisor to build wealth.

. Very nicely explained about taxation about debt mutual fund. Topics like early investing and asset allocation are very well explained. Mahesh Deshmukh

For anyone who wishes to take control of his/her finance this book is a must read. Very simply put, even an amateur in finance will be able to understand and implement. The author genuinely attempts to inculcate the habit of investing among the people who have the ability to invest but refrain from doing it, either due to lack of time , interest or understanding!. The message from the book is Investment done without setting a goal/ objective is like leaving for a trip without knowing the destination, not everytime the end result will be promising. Hence, its important to invest in a planned & disciplined manner. A read is highly recommended ????

A must book for everyone who wants to take control of personal finance. Nice explanation of how a debt mutual fund works. Bonds trading and indexation benefits in high inflation years were something new I learnt. After reading this book you will be able to easily choose any funds, because you will know what that fund does or how that fund works

How mutual fund selection is affected by Sebis

Direct Mutual Fund vs. Regular Mutual Fund: 2017

Death of a good mutual fund: DSP BlackRock Treasury

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You Can Be Rich Too with Goal-Based Investing

My first book is meant to help you ask the right questions, seek the right answers and since it comes with nine online calculators, you can also create custom solutions for your lifestyle!

Gamechanger: Forget Startups, Join Corporate &

My second book is meant for young earners to get their basics right from day one! It will also help you travel to exotic places at low cost!

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that is one heck of a collection of articles and calculators am tempted to identify you as the source ..as The One the mf universe 🙂

Thank You Sir . Such an awesome one stop shop to learn it. You are making such a difference to so many DIY investors. So selfless and for that Thank You. Personally, I have made such a progress in learning about MF. I always thought it is to technical and hence, Later. Now, I try and learn something everyday!

Is it possible to make your articles mail-able? I mean, can I send link or the article to my friends by an email? It would definitely help others likeminded people to share ideas and get awareness.

Have now added a share by email button. Thank you

Hi ! Your site is great.. Is there a calculator for calculating dividend yield across funds ? Or have I not searched the site hard enough 🙂

Sir, Value research online now shows only 1 year returns and not even 3 & 5 year returns. Pls advise any further technique to choose a mutual fund.

How do we calculate actual returns in % for liquid funds Or any fund on daily dividend basis with reinvestment option.

Please provide the spreadsheet for relevant calculations.

Hi, Thanks for all the information provided. I would like to seek your help in finding correponding google codes for India mutual funds. Is there a site or link where I can find those which can be used using Googlefinance formula in google sheet?

Googlefinance pulled support for mfs. Use AMFI url to pull NAV into Google sheets

You are doing a grt job. Many tnx for the interesting calculators.

Do you have any excel tracking sheet with Mean, Std deviation, Beta & Alpha of Indian MF along with automatic update link.

The article itself is from 2015. Some of the calculators and tools have become outdated for many reasons one biggest reason being the re-categorization stuff in 2018. It would be helpful if the older calculators can be marked as such in the list.

Thank you for such a wonderful work that too free of cost.

I have a query related to V3-Freefincal-Automated-mf-portfolio-financial-goal-tracker-JULY-2018-1.

I had a SIP of Rs 4000 in a fund. after 2 years I stopped it and continued a new SIP of Rs 5000 the same fund without any break.

Now for input in the excel sheet Do I have to give new SHORT unique nickname or use the same as old .

if there is a break in SIP in one month due to some bank error or something i.e. no deduction of money from my bank account.

how to edit that in the V3-Freefincal-Automated-mf-portfolio-financial-goal-tracker-JULY-2018-1

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Pattu as he is popularly known, has co-authored two print-books,You can be rich too with goal-based investing(CNBC TV18) andGamechangerand seven otherfree e-bookson various topics of money management.

His journey to financial independence has been featured on LiveMint:Light the FIRE and lose the fear of getting fired.

How investors get fooled into buying mutual funds with wrong expectations

Four Consistent thematic Mutual Fund Performers

Aug 2019 Equity Mutual Fund Performance Screener

ICICI Prudential Asset Allocator Fund: Here is why you should avoid this!

ICICI Prudential Large & Mid Cap Fund: Will this work for you?

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Create your own financial plan with this financial planning template

What we can learn from Petrol, Diesel historical price inflation data

Do not expect returns from mutual fund SIPs! Do this instead!

Do Not Invest Rs. 50,000 in NPS for additional tax saving benefit in 2019!

Revised EPS Pension Calculator: How much will my EPS Pension increase?

Guide to efile Income Tax Return: ITR2, ITR3 and ITR5

Guide to efile Income Tax Return For AY 2018-19

Create a start to finish financial plan with the freefincal robo advisory template