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Best Private Equity Books Whether you want to study equity as a finance student for your course as reference of expert research material or in order to understand the market before you invest inprivate equity, trust me knowledge is never wasted. We have brought to you some interesting private equity books that can help you sort all your concerns about private equity. Peep into the notes below to understand and choose the right book before you pay some heavy amount to buy yourself a private equity book.

1 Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, and Private Equity

Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, and Private Equity, Second Edition by David Stowell

The writer has brought all the three parts of finance to life; these sectors challenge each other and sustain in the market along with each other or you can say in each others support. He has also captured the reshaping of these sectors after the global melt down post 2009. The key function of this book are compensation systems, unique roles in wealth creations, the battle between retail investor funds and the influence of corporate along with risk management. It is a complete combination of rising from the academic background to taking a look at various industries along with giving you the insights elaborating the changes reinvention of stabilizing and retriggering of the economic market after the year 2009.

He also gives you a macro look at these industries showing you how these financial institutions effect various organizations, corporations, government and also individuals. He also gives you an idea as to why and how will these sectors show their power and influence us in future as well.

This private equity book is a package that covers the top three parts of the finance industry. The author very carefully explains howinvestment bankinghedge fundsandprivate equitydominate the market along with the investors investments and money making. He also covers the strategies of coming back of these sectors after 2009. He continues with projecting the powers of these sectors and their overall influence on the market.

The private equity book is not talking about just one sector it is taking about three important parts of the financial sector. Finance is the mother of all industries for if there is no money no other industry will be able to function. And hence the book talks about the influence of the financial sector on the market.

This private equity book has received a 5 star rating.

The Masters of Private Equity and Venture Capital by Robert Finkel

This private equity book is based on not just the authors experience and research; it is based on the research of a number of equity experts and their experiences. When talking equity you have a number of researches to make in order to understand the stock exchange, the market, the industries and the companies to invest in. and private equity definably has very high returns however has huge risk involved.Venture capital being a very important part of the private equityneeds to be learned and understood by the masters of private equity.

To write this book the author has conducted a number of interviews of experts in the private equity sector. The book covers stories that matter to high level investors. However private equity is about investing huge bulks into not registered stocks. The books also includes a detailed study on topics such as application of private equity to non-profit organizations, selecting the management in order to work with them, looking for new markets, etc, etc, etc

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It is all about putting across the content appropriately. This book involves a lot of learning; which is a very vital part of private equity. Besides the learning and knowledge the author has researched a lot with the help of private equity experts and has filled this book with colorful stories of success and failures on subjects that interest high value investors. We confirm this book as a book full of experiences as the author has pen down interviews of private equity experts. This book is overall a knowledgeable book to know about private equities.

Knowing about applications of private equity on non-profit institutions, working with management and looking for new market with the help of live examples in form of interviews are very easy to understand The Masters ofPrivate Equity and Venture Capital. Your best takeaway will be amazing understanding of the subject.

This private equity book has got 4 stars for its overall content and display of subject.

Lessons from Private Equity Any Company Can Use by Orit Gadiesh and Hugh Macarthur

This book confirms that the investors value for investments is much more in private equity than in traditional public equity investments. The reason for high returns can be a good brand name or a big company name, adding up portfolios to create a global existence, etc.

He also shows how the private equity firms become important leaders in the market. The five disciplines used by private equity firms to attain an edge in investments and increasing their portfolio are.

Investment in these companies for their private equity needs to be with a goal of investing in them for 3 to 5 years not less than that. Investing in private equity for a longer term gives the investor an average high return.

A road map needs to be created to take initiatives of investments which should generate more value for your investments within certain period it is also known as a blue print of change.

What matters only needs to be measured other information is not relevant, for example for private equity firm what matters is critical operating data, cash and key market intelligence and hence the others unimportant aspects need not be measured.

Private equity firmsneed to retain employees who are really good leaders and managers. Employees who think like the owners of the organization. They should have make sure they hire such people, motivate them and retain their hunger.

The motive of PE is making money; they need to make their equity work hard by leaving cash scars and making managers reinvest capital that is underperforming into a more productive direction.

The author covers in whole the private equity firms and the five disciplines then need to have and retain in order to make the equity perform better than the traditional registered public equity. The reason why private equity firm perform better than the others has been a mystery for people who are not a part of the deals and the industry in total. Reasons have been elaborated and justified. The author has justified the subject completely.

We like the five disciplines of the PE firms that help their equity to outperform. Each and every discipline is explained in detail by the authors. The entire book is an overview of the PE firms and its operations. It also confirms that high risk gives high returns; which is an absolute fact of this industry.

This private equity book has received a rating of 4.5.

King of Capital: The Remarkable Rise, Fall, and Rise Again of Steve Schwarzman and Blackstone  by David Carey and John E. Morris.

Steve Schwarzman the CEO of Blackstone is termed as the king of capital market the man himself and his powerhouse made sure that they avoided the tendency of self destruction of Wall Street. In fact this book is not just about Blackstone but also about other such firms that were termed as gamblers in the very beginning and they then turned into hostile artist and takeovers who are now a gate for disciplined risk conscious investors. Many financial institutions andinvestment bankswere involved in the same.

It is an untold story of the financial revolutions or the Wall Street. And these investors have not only got their grip over Wall Street but also across the globe as some ofthe best private equity firms. These companies have become major forces that have been challenging players likeMorgan StanleyandGoldman Sachswho have been dominating the market.

It also involves more aboutBlackstoneits growth of becoming a powerful institution on Wall Street growing from a start up of two men and a single secretary two a full-fledged institution and this success story. Its controversies, insider and planning of the future are all mentioned in this book.

This book covers a number of untold stories of the small corporations that started as gamblers in the private equity market converting themselves into big corporations that are a safe gate for investors who want to take minimal risk with their investments. One such story is of the corporation called Blackstone which is a big corporation having its existence globally challenging big market players to sustain and grow on Wall Street.

The authors have narrated the story of corporations that failed during the big global recession and have emerged as strong global institutions. The best takeaway here will be their comeback story. The logic, the strategies they put to use in making a comeback along with the story of how did they manage and work towards the growth of their organizations. The book involves examples of many such firms and organizations.

We rate this private equity book with 4.5 stars.

Private Equity Operational Due Diligence, + Website: Tools to Evaluate Liquidity, Valuation, and Documentation by Jason A. Scharfman

The two industries are like competitors want more and more investments to grow. This book points out on both the industries comparing their unique aspects, challenges associated with the performances associated and operations due diligence. It also guides and helps the readers with different tools to create a bendable narrative operational due diligence program for both the private equity and real estate. Use of technical analyses is mentioned in this book, analyses of the funds legal documents, financial statements, methods of evaluating operational risk concerning valuation methodology, concerns of liquidity along with pricing the documentations. Take a look at some important topics the book covers.

The topics of this book include legal documents of funds,analyses technique of financial statementand much more.

The author has included a case study on fraudulent operations.

This book also includes a link to the laws and regulations references along with sample checklists, templates and spreadsheets.

As in investor you are given tools to evaluate liquidity, valuations, and documentation of both the private equity and the real estate.

This book is full of case studies, if you are an investor in private equity and real estate you must read this book as it is a real guide. This book is also very helpful for fund managers, service providers, etc.

A rare book that covers not just the two industries competing for investments, it also covers and gives the investors technical tools to analyzing documentations, operations expenses and risks involved, links to laws and regulations references along with live case study examples. Its a combination of comparison, techniques and case studies, which is rare and unique in its form.

This private equity book is not just for the investors but also the fund managers, service givers, operations, students, etc. The author very productively explains and compares the industries and gives tools to help the readers understand before investing in risk related industries. Both the industries are have very high risk aspects involved hence proper study is very important before investing. Some reading and researching before you invest will definitely not save you from the risk however will help you to analyses the risk before you invest and help you take better decisions.

This book private equity has got a 5 star rating.

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Thank you so much for this blog. It was very helpful for me as a finance student. If you could also share me the list of Equity research books if you have?

Thanks Marco! happy to know this has helped you. For equity research books you can go this link Best Equity Research Books

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