is an investment fund thatinvestslarge amounts ofmoneyusingmethodsthat involve alotofrisk.

apartnershipof investors whopoollargesumsforspeculatinginsecurities, oftentakinglarge risks, as bybuyingwithborrowedfunds orsellingshort

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is an investment fund that invests large amounts of money using methods that involve a lot of risk.

investors deliberately steer clear of funds that earn 87 percent returns; they prefer those who aim for a steadier 10-12 percent.

is a pool of money, largely unregulated by the government, invested aggressively for wealthy clients.

is an investment fund that invests large amounts of money using methods that involve a lot of risk.

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Other hedge fundsto have taken ahitfrominstabilityin the.

Of mostconcernto the Citywillbe thecollapsein hedge fundtrading.

The two bodiesto pool theirbonds, hedge funds and property investments in the same way.

It providessoftwaretoand hedge funds -companiesthat have been hithardbythisyear.

Theweaknessfor hedge funds, and awhy it is increasinglydifficultfor them to make money.

Hedge fund backers were largelydiscountedunless abigpart of theirfrom the fund.

We alsoaskwhether thewill be taken by large hedge funds.

Thecaseshavemainlyinvolved small companies and hedge funds orpredatoryinvestors.

Theloanswere pooledtogetherand became afavouriteinvestment of some hedge funds.

Hedge funds moved money out ofin the year but havein.

Hedge fundmanagerswhoreceivesuchinformationare notallowedto trade with it.

have lots of investment banks and hedge funds but they are all.

He isallegedto haveputthe money into a hedge fund.

Hedge funds and investment banks haveprogrammestohelpthem tothesecondthat theyhappen.

Thefirmhas beenridingwith a largepackof hedge fundschasinginvestments in bonds backed bymortgages.

Hedge fundslargechunksof other funds, includingemployees.

Hedge fund managers whoexpectedto make akillingon the takeover haveinsteadfound themselvesofmillionsofpoundsoflosses.

London and nowrunsa large hedge fund,saidhe wassurprisedat theexodusat such acrucialtime.

That is despite the amount of moneyflowinginto hedge fundsreachingrecordof $2.6trillionat the end oflastyear.

If highare asignofdistress, then London-listed hedge fund managers areclearlyintrouble.

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