Activist investors are having a profound impact on the behavior of public companies around the world. In 2003, activist hedge funds had less than $12 billion under management. In 2014, the activist asset class had grown tomore than $112 billion, according to the. Much of this growth in assets under management has come from investments by large institutional investors, including pension funds, university endowments and family offices.

This much is clear: activist investors have gone mainstream and the popularity ofactivist investingas a strategy has increased significantly due to the potential it offers to substantially enhanceshareholder value.

We have compiled a comprehensive activist investors list which includes famous activist investors and activist hedge funds that operate, or have operated, in the United States, Europe and Asia. The activist investor profiles include fund descriptions and references to relevant links.

This activist investor list was structured to inform and assist in learning more about both established and new shareholder activists and activist funds. By referencing the activist investors list and the activist investor profiles, interested parties can gain insight into successful shareholder activism strategies and the differences in activist investing across economic cycles and international territories.

Dedicated to generating debate around the issues that influence activist investors and shareholder activism.

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