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Frestad (2009) examines the efficiency of alternative

Hedging currency in the automotive industry: a manufacturing case study

As an alternative to quadratic risk measure, a piecewise linear measure is used in Coleman (in press), Coleman, Li, and Patron (2003), and Patron (2003) to compute discrete local and total risk minimization

Robustly hedging variable annuities with guarantees under jump and volatility risks

The rationale for hedge accounting derives from the fact that regular GAAP provide different treatment for the offsetting positions that make up some

Hedging strategies and GAAP: a marriage made in heaven? Canadas new hedge accounting rules create new ways in which to make sense of hedging activities in financial statements. Make sure you know where it works best

About a third of the companies think the standard will change their use of derivatives and

This is followed by an example illustrating how the stochastic dominance criteria can be used to evaluate

A stochastic dominance approach to evaluating foreign exchange hedging strategies

Smith asks his treasurer and controller to develop economic

for this exposure, while minimizing the impacts on reported earnings that speculative accounting methods would create.

Many companies believe the accounting rules do not reflect todays economic realities, in which

encompass a portfolio of anticipated transactions, assets or liabilities rather than a specific transaction.

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