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List contains 12,401 investors for commercial real estate.

Full Contact info and emails included. ( 387211)

List contains 13,904 investors for residential real estate

Full Contact info and emails included. ( 387127)

Full Contact info and emails included. ( 387911)

Full Contact info and emails included. (  387115)

Contains 12,557 investors/buyers net worth 10 Million plus

Full Contact info and emails included. ( 387691)

Contains emails only no additional data. ( 387094)

Name, Address, Phone, EmailFresh Internet Optins From:

People who expressed an interest in investing in Penny Stocks.3 Accurate Contact Points Phone, Email, Postal

Please inquire regarding larger volume purchases.

Notice:  Many of the phone numbers on these lists are on the Do Not Call List we do not scrub these.  Some people have gone ahead and called these lists, with legit investment opportunities, and they were never turned in for a violation. (PS: They were VERY successful)

These are people who had checks picked up via Fedex

These are all major players who do business over the phone.

8500 Oil, Gas and Metals 2015 csv $1500 ViewBuy

6894 Various Oil Client Files 2016 csv $1350ViewBuy

6675 Oil & Gas Clients csv $1325

6291 Whales And Current Accounts 2016 csv $1300

5366 Investor Whales Clean 2016 csv $1050

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3375 New York City Broker Clients csv $800

3300 Clients NYC Broker 2014 csv $625

3083 Investors Survey 2015 pdf $610

2900 Current Clients csv $600

1000 Accredited InvestorsCurrent Traders, Whales$200

Brand New List Available. We do not own this list yet one of our customers has this for sale so we cannot offer smaller pieces its all or none at this time.

The Survey list  Surveyed by my   Philliapean call center.

Clients were surveyed for Online trading accounts or do they trade with a broker and whether they are positive or negative towards cannabis stocks  Total: 39,945

Excel files in different quantities as thats how i got them every few days ranging from 50 500 names address phone some emails and the notes- gathered by 10 agents

Client List of Penny Stock buyers-  client list of 314 clients- too bad I didnt save all my clients- would have been a couple thousand

contains name and phone and amount invested in stocks

Zacks- generated from a banner called Hot Penny Stock Tips I had  contains name number, and emai

Cannabis-Zacks File is $3500 for everything. Contact us for payment details.

Good solid investor leads, all pre-qualified and ready to be called.

You will find many prospects ready to roll in these files.

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These are people who were on a list of Active Investors.

All have name, and phone, most have mailing address also.

1000 Risk Takers, Net worth Over 3 Million 2012 $150 BuyView

1150 Accredited Investors 2012 $160 BuyView

1254 Forex Clients 2010 $125 BuyView 694View 560

1500 Real Investors, Liquid, Sent Packages 2010 $150 Buy

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These are people who were on a list of Active Investors.

All have name, and phone, most have mailing address also.

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520 Wall Street Direct 2010 $75 BuyView

787 Movie/Entertainment Fronts 2011  $75 BuyView

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Buyers/Clients, Fronts, SurveysPeople who either bought, or expressed interest in Precious Metals.  Name, Phone, most include Postal

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These are people who were qualified as Investors outside of the USA.

All have name, and phone, most have mailing address also.

98 European Investors 2014 xls $50

1150 Very High Net Worth Investors csv $100

4800 UK Binary Options and Forex Investors xls $600

5000 UK Investors 2014 xls $650

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22,000 Lawyers/Investors From Peru (566), Mexico (1061), France (4538),

England (1390), Canada (575), Australia (14,541) 2015 xls $1200

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Discover with us the Scientific Art of Sourcing Investors with Precision

Investment and funding have become an art in the recent times, A Scientific Art of Precision to be more real about it. We see success stories every day and these success stories would not have been possible if we take away the investors behind these companies, startups, gadgets, and campaigns. So what is it that they can do and you cannot? Well, in our opinion there is absolutely nothing they can do and you cannot do on your own. You just need to be pointed in the right direction and you can cover more ground very easily with our investments lead management facilities.

Our database does not only help you build a quality marketing services list. We aim to save your cost on one hand and be precise on the other. Imagine the equipment and human resource it would take you to accumulate a list of one million quality leads and constantly update this list. It must be in thousands of dollars if not in million and now consider the cost you are paying to purchase a constantly updated list? If its not a constantly updated list, you still get a head-start on your competition.

From acquiring raw data through various different data mining procedures to accumulating a verified list of quality investors, is a job that would take you months if not years if you do it on your own and by that time your project may not worth a single penny. The world is changing and it is changing quickly. Investing in our list of investors that suits your need based on your product or service is exactly what you need to hit the nail on the head today.

We are simply the experts on what we do, our data scientists have been working in the industry for years and have decades of collective experience at your disposal through our well-managed investor and penny creditor lists. We have categorized our data into various lists including Accredited, NonAccredited, Niche Specific (Gold, Health, Tech) and Region Specific lists to help you invest in just the list you want for your business needs. Higher the quality of your leads better the return on investment and we promise nothing but quality.

The scientific art of precision is what we call it but we all understand that it is a numbers game at the end of the day. Higher the number of leads you have higher the chances you will land a good investor for your next big project or boost your sales through leads we have generated. Yup, we are talking about sales because as the entrepreneur industry grows so does the number of products targeting these investors and who knows you just might have the next best selling product but not the right leads?

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