Lets start by making it clear that private equity data isnt just a collection of IRR, TVPI and DPI numbers. General private equity returns statistics such as these are commonly available in the public domain: just go to a public pension funds website. However, not much real intelligence can be gained from these basic private equity return measures.

Access to the institutional grade CEPRES private equity database that contains deep private equity data and wrapped with sophisticated data mining and analysis capabilities that are proven in the private equity industry provides LPs and GPs with the market intelligence and analysis tools that they need to make smarter investment decisions and operate with greater efficiency.

Using the CEPRES private equity database, LPs can investigate market segments and strategies, and understand their risk, return and liquidity characteristics, before they begin to identify potential fund managers and investment targets for the portfolio. Such market research is an important part of the asset allocation planning and portfolio construction process.

On the other side of the market, GPs can leverage the CEPRES private equity database to clearly identify their own relative strengths and weaknesses in their track records as they prepare for fundraising and properly anticipate potential LP questions on its past performance.

Finally, both LPs and GPs can benefit from the CEPRES private equity database during the due diligence process because it provides digital innovation to their fingertips which makes the process streamlined and efficient for both LPs and GPs.

Private equity data is CEPRES private equity data. The CEPRES private equity database contains actual private equity data that is first and foremost, authentic and sourced directly from market participants, that is, the GPs andLPs. Second, CEPRES private equity data is so much more thanjust IRR, TVPI and DPI: it is what lies beneath these return measures and that is the gross and net cash flows, i.e. the cash flows between the funds and underlying portfolio companies in the case of the former, and the cash flows between LPs and the funds in the case of the latter.

Thirdly, the scope of CEPRES private equity data goes way beyond just returns, but also includes the plethora of characteristics around every single fund and portfolio company. For example, for funds, that includes fund size, vintage year, stage focus, region focus and even parameters such as management fee and carried interest.

At the deal level, CEPRES captures characteristics such as industry, investment stage, use of proceeds, board seat, location by continent, country, region and even state in the case of US based portfolio companies, as well as company operating financials, namely, revenue,EBITDA, net profit, debt, pricing multiples, leverage multiples and more.

Yes, the CEPRES private equity database isextremely broad and extensive, whilealso very granular and detailed. And this is why CEPRES has the largest private equity database in the world with over 5,300 private funds and 59,000 portfolio companies that amount to $21 trillion of asset value which covers investment activity since the 1970s.

Its designed and built for both LPs and GPs to address the challenges that they face as the navigate around their respective private equity lifecycle.

The CEPRES private equity database is at the core of PE.Analyzer, a digital investment and network platform that enables users to perform private equity market research and investigations, fund screening and due diligence (LPs), prepare pitchbook data for fundraising (GPs), track record analysis, fund and deal benchmarking, operating analysis including value creation, deal pricing and debt analysis, and risk adjusted alpha analysis for outperformance and beta market risk.CEPRES PE.Analyzeris so much more than private equity data

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