Private equity investment agreement is signed between an equity investment consultancy firm and its clients that could be individuals and corporate both. The agreement lays down those terms and conditions that decide the nature of consultancy firms services that are required by clients.

This agreement is made between the CLIENT and EQUITY INVESTMENT CONSULTANCY FIRM on the effective date of 31stJune 2011.

The consultancy firm will provide its consultancy and advisory services for the capital growth, venture capital, private assets and securities of company/individual.

The advisory services are strictly for private equity investment not for stock exchange investment.

Business details of client: The Client owns a private real estate construction company.

Name: Philippe Baldwin (Equity and financial consultancy services Ltd.)

The consultancy firm will be responsible to handle the advisory matters of private equity investments of the client, in his interest.

The Client will pay a sum of $ 500 each in three installments as the fee of consultancy firm for its services.

The Consultancy Company will keep clients equity matters and investment related information confidential and will not share them without the consent of client.

The conditions of agreement are of bounding nature and decided by the consent of both sides. Therefore, violation of agreement, in any case will be subjected for legal suit.