you can use it like this: I seen some kind of animal just go under that hedge.Read More

it will most likely go to your neighbors garden or under a hedge or even in a small tree it will most likely go to your neighbors garden or under a hedge or even in a small treeRead More

A hedge knight is a wandering knight without a master. Hedge knights are so named because they generally must sleep outdoors, under a hedge. Most hedge knights travel in search of employment and often attend jousts to make money and display their prowess in hopes of being hired. Less scrupulous hedge knights put their martial training to use by resorting to banditry. For this reason, hedge knights are often mistrusted and considered disreputable. The termRead More

No you cant because the leaves under neath will burn.Read More

A hedge fund index is an index which takes into account thhe performance of several hedge funds that fall under the same investment strategy. These sub-indices for each investment style are then aggregated into an index of the full hedge fund industry to gauge performance on a month-to-month basis.Read More

If you are talking about a hedge, as in a row of bushy plants or such, then yes, it is a noun. Hedge can also be used as a verb though, as in to hedge a garden.Read More

The noun hedge is used as a collective noun for a hedge of herons.Read More

The meaning of a hedge would be best described as a hedge of protection against the volatile market. Also used in the term Hedge FundRead More

There are over 360 hedge funds in California. You can find a list of hedge funds in CA at Basically intended for job-seekers, but gives contact information for most hedge funds in CA including Los Angeles hedge funds and San Francisco hedge funds.Read More

The setting is in the park under a hedge almost somewhere near where Robert lives.Read More

Contents as in what do hedge funds invest in?Read More

The hedge was getting to tall.There is a neighbourly dispute over who owns the hedge.The hedge runs across the boarder which separates the two counties.Read More

Hammy is a squirrel in Over the Hedge.Read More

Here are a couple lists of the top 100 hedge funds and top 50 hedge funds in the US.Read More

A hedge is a bushlike vegetation, some what like a shrub. A hedge is a line of srubs or trees closely planted to form a barrier.Read More

No, beech hedge is not poisonous to sheep. Many farmers use beech hedge on their farms for the livestock to eat.Read More

My neighbor finally trimmed the hedge.Read More

It is a fund that invests in a portfolio of hedge funds.Read More

It was never known who stole the World Cup in 1966, it was found under a hedge at the bottom of a garden.Read More

The certainly can invest in off-shore hedge funds. There are some restriction for individuals to invest in off-shore hedge funds, though, but hedge fund entities certainly can. Off-shore hedge funds offer certain tax advantages to overseas investors, as well as endowment funds, and non-profit organizations. Individual Americans, must declare their earnings from off-shore hedge funds so in that regard they are not better of than investing in on-shore hedge funds.Read More

Hedge apples will not hurt your horse. Hedge apples are commonly eaten by horses and are one of their favorite snacks.Read More

the dogs name in over the hedge is NugentRead More

hedge hog ^__^.. i would have to say dolphin.Read More

a hedge hog lives in fields, gardens and forestsRead More