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Also found in:FinancialAcronymsWikipedia.Related to Private equity fund:Private equity firmVenture capital fundprivate equityadj.Of or relating to equity investments in companies whose stock is held by a relatively small number of owners and is not publicly traded:a private equity fund.private equitynfinanceequity in a business that is raised from private sources, as opposed to shares that can be traded publicly

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(ADCM-SPEF), which was established in March 2011 to realise substantial long-term capital gains by purchasing secondary interests in

managed by managers across the MENA region and around the world.

Abu Dhabi Capital Management voted UAEs top private equity fund

undergoing a major change, the government welcomes those funds to come to Taiwan as strategic investors, bringing with them management or production technologies, not just money, instead of just making a killing by selling their repackaged investment targets, said Vice Premier Sean Chen yesterday (Sept.

Govt urges private equity funds to become strategic investors

Services will provide middle and back office outsourcing of fund administration services such as fund and partnership accounting, tax support and comprehensive reporting services to private equity firms and limited partners.

A financial holding company may seek Board approval to own, control or hold an interest in or held through a

for a period longer than the duration of the fund in accordance with section 225.

Research and Markets: Private Equity Funds: Business Structure and Operations

that mainly focuses on investing in secondary

Abu Dhabi Capital Management announces final closing of secondary private equity fund

, also known as opportunity funds and value-added funds, raised more than $17 billion in capital from investors in 2001, according to a new survey by Ernst & Young.

Report: Opportunity funds raised $17 billion in 2001

A year ago, you could only point to one minority

Two experienced market practitioners provide you with a review of the

industry and a description of all the relevant management issues of fund investments, from a day-to-day and a portfolio perspective to indirect investment vehicles like funds of funds and securitised notes.

Research and Markets: Exposed to the J-Curve: Understanding and Managing Private Equity Fund Investments

A 2008 Review of the Growing Distressed Private Equity Market – Providing Profiles on Over 100 Firms, Over 150 Investors and All 233 Funds Established Since 1995

III comes from existing investors in prior Audax equity and mezzanine funds.

Audax Private Equity Fund III Has First and Final Close at $1 Billion

Survey by Adveq and Kyoto University Shows Investment Allocation to Private Equity Increasing at Japanese Institutional Investors

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