Eureka Private Equity provides access to information on 8,270 companies and private equity funds, investors, private equity firms and service providers across the private markets spectrum. The database gives investors up-to-date returns data on private equity and venture capital funds, along with information on the people managing them.

Eureka Private Equity provides a platform for private equity firms to easily tap into potential connections with global investors (which include pension funds, fund of funds, insurance companies, sovereign wealth funds, family offices, foundations and endowments) in todays competitive fundraising landscape. Through timely updates and extensive coverage, the database allows you to effortlessly research and identify investment opportunities.

The key contents of the Eureka Private Equity Fund Database are:

2,573 general partners and 188 limited partners

8,270 partnership funds investing across 19 sectors

Over US$140 billion of invested capital and US$145 billion of distributions

1,484 private equity professionals and investors

Information on deal flows, funds raised, deals and exits, fund terms and more.

Eureka Private Equity track over 50 qualitative data points and 10 statistical measurements per fund, making it easier to analyse managers performances.

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