Whether you need a whole suite of services at your disposal, want us intimately involved in your day-to-day operations, or do business internationally, ourBusiness Servicesteam can help.

Our business bankers will work with you to understand your specific needs to develop a package tailored to your business.

The foundation of any smart funds management strategy, Business Online Banking gives you access to:

Business Online Banking helps you save time, improve cash flow, and streamline internal financial management processes. Go to our product page to learn more about this powerful cash management tool.

ACH services offer a cost-effective and efficient way to stay flexible with payables and receivables.

Save money by depositing employee payroll through direct deposit.

Save time by using ACH to transfer funds between financial institutions.

Save effort in pursuing receivables by collecting payments electronically with direct payment.

For more information, contact Treasury Management at (608) 301-8655.

We love having you stop by, but we also know your time is valuable. Remote Deposit gives you the power to deposit checks from your workplace using a scanner and your computer.

Eliminates trips to the bank and delays due to mailing deposits

More efficient and potentially faster access to funds

Desktop scanner is small, connects directly to your office computer, easy to install and easy to use

Reduces preparation cost, no need to order deposit tickets

We would be glad to demonstrate this service to you in person. Please contact Treasury Management at (608) 301-8655 to schedule your demo.

Another way to keep your business accounts secure is Park Pass, a unique, self-expiring identifier. ParkPass allows you to create a unique, self-expiring identifier. This ID is required to perform many of the sensitive transactions and tasks within our Business Online Banking system.

With ParkPass, you get maximum account security that is both efficient and cost-effective. For more information on ParkPass, contact Treasury Management at (608) 3018655.

Do you do business in the international arena?Park Bank is a local partner for your global financial needs. We use a network of correspondent banks to provide a wide array of services for international banking efficiently and securely:

Currency exchange (spot and forward transactions)

Foreign currency (bank notes) ordered or redeemed

Foreign and domestic wire transfers- our online link to the Federal Reserve lets us handle wires directly; domestic wire transfers give you same-day availability of funds to receiving bank accounts.

For more information on our international services, contact Treasury Management at (608) 301-8655.

Dont let unused funds sit idle! Our Zero Balance Accounts help you maximize funds and centralize control of your cash in one place. Heres how it works:

All funds are deposited into a central operating account.

Additional accounts set up for payroll, petty cash or other similar needs always maintain a zero balance; these are your ZBAs.

Each day, the total for all checks presented against each ZBA is offset by a debit to the central operating account.

Transfers from the central operating account to the subsidiary ZBAs are cross-referenced by account number on the bank statement.

If you accidentally make a deposit to any of your ZBA accounts the funds will be automatically transferred to the central operating account.

For more information, contact Treasury Management at (608) 301-8655.

You can make business deposits after banking hours at most Park Bank locations. Deposits are secure and credited to your account on the next business day. Locking deposit bags are also available.

For more information, contact Treasury Management at (608) 301-8655.

Our Lockbox Service accelerates the collection of remittances through a reduction of mail float to improve your availability of funds. All remittances are verified, endorsed, and deposited to your account on the same day, and youll receive a listing of receivables via e-mail, fax, or phone.

For more information, contact Treasury Management at (608) 301-8655.

Take your business accounts with you on your smartphone or tablet with our Business Mobile Banking App!

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